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This stylish cold water washer is manufactured for the industrial markets,offering top quality design features,safe controls and totally reliable,with a choice of specifications.

The ATOM is a stylish mobile semi professional cold water washer for light industrial use.

Reliable and safe.

The ATOM XL range of machines offers a fully industrial cold water washer,with a choice of specification options.

Quality components,safe and reliable.

The MINI ROBOT is a compact petrol engine driven cold water washer,using the world famous Honda GX 160 petrol engine, with quality components,a machine for all industries.

When heavy duty cleaning is required the TORNADO range of machines will meet all your demands, offering specifications from 180 bar to 500 bar and flow rates from 15 to 41 lt per minute

The FIX range of machines is a static or wall mounted industrial cold water washer.

Safe and reliable,for all industrial cleaning tasks.

The QUARK is a semi professional cold water washer for light industrial use,built in a metal tubular carrying frame,with brass headed pump,chemical system and auto stop/start.

The LASER range of cold water washers offers the very best in mobile industrial pressure washers,manufactured in total stainless steel construction,


The ROBOT range of engine driven cold water washers are a true industrial cleaning machine,offered in both petrol or diesel. A must for all heavy duty industrial cleaning work.

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