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Caratteristiche tecniche - Technical features

Boiler equipped with:

- stainless steel structure

- boiler bottom in refractory cement

- 3/8" double spiral coil

Combustion head complete with:

- gas oil nozzle, electrodes, deflector, gas oil delivery pipe

- two-pipe gas oil pump with built-in solenoid valve

Starting transformer:

- 2x5000V / 230v 50Hz complete with high tension cables (special voltages on request)

Electric motor:

- IP22 230V 50Hz 2800 g/m - 130W (special voltages on request)


- model M1, M2 and M3 are in stainless steel

- 3/8" gas boiler connections


MODEL M1 (40 Nl/sec of air)

MODEL M2 (40 Nl/sec of air)

MODEL M3 (60 Nl/sec of air)

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