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MAER High Pressure Cleaners company is an Italian manufacturer of professional high pressure cleaners. Our company has been established more than 30 years ago and has been constatly recognized from worldwide customer as a point of reference concerning quality and reliability of its products.

Maer is always developing new appliances in order to meet further cleaning challenges: the new head-quarters are located in Northern Italy. The production unit is more than 2.000 square meters, completely dedicated to the manufacturing and product developing. 

Maer professional high pressure cleaners are suitable for many applications: food industry, factories, workshops, car-washes.

From the semi-professional to the top model in the professional range, Maer high pressure cleaners distinguish for their accurate and pleasant design, components reliability, life of the materials used and safety systems installed.

In pursuing this mission, MAER's main objective is to create value for its customer.

Our quest for innovation, product quality, a high standard of service and efficienty represent a constant reference poin and fundamental aspect of our corporate culture.

Buy a MAER high pressure cleaner means relying on over thirty years of cleaning tecnology.

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